Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm a Good Finder!

Today on Pottermore I spent most of my time going back through all the chapters to find stuff. I had only found 6 of the 11 chocolate frog cards on my first time through the chapters, and I wanted to collect them all. So I started going backwards through the chapters to look for them. After going back to about chapter 8 or 7 I stopped, because the chocolate frog cards only started at chapter 6 I believe. At the end of my search, I had found 3 more chocolate frog cards, bringing my total to 9 out of 11 cards! Along with those cards, I found four more galleons, two books, and a few potions ingredients! Although I did not find ALL of the chocolate frog cards, I still say this was successful, and I am very pleased with myself.
[UPDATE: 5:09PM: I just found the last 2 chocolate frog cards I was missing! I now have ALL 11 cards!!! :D]

This is what brings me to the title of this blog post. I'm a good finder!!! I am a total Hufflepuff! I am still completely baffled as to how I got Slytherin. I'm a bit over it now, but i'm reminded of it every time I log onto Pottermore and see the green everywhere. I am so excited and can't wait until my second account opens! I have secured one that was registered on day 7, so I might have to wait a while for that one, or my sister might have one that was registered on day 1 and it already activated. I really hope she contacts me back soon to let me know if it's open or not! :) I feel like i'm waiting for Pottermore all over again. I mean, technically I am, but at least this time I can log on and do stuff while I wait! Haha.

I'm really nervous because I don't want to mess up sorting again! I just don't want Slytherin! I would actually be completely happy with ANY other house than Slytherin! Ok, enough of that. I need to stop ranting! Sorry! :) In other news, I just ordered 3 of John Green's books and pre-ordered his newest one! I've been a fan of the Vlog Brothers for a while now, but I never read any of John's books, so I figured now was as good a time as any! :) I'm so excited! I just got a confirmation email that they've shipped so they should be here soon! :) Well, that's all for today.



  1. I will cross my fingers, the sorting hat will put you with us badgers! (or at least not with the snakes...) ;p I think with your sorting hat answers you should think 'hufflepuff': cozy, warm, likes food , doesn't care too much about being purely career driven etc, is loyal and truthful but not sneaky. Good luck with that second sorting!